Bills Update: Wang injured, Defense “shines” Wednesday

Wang has been injured.  The 5th round pick out of Virginia Tech, who is completeing for a backup spot on the Bills O-line, had surgery on his hand to repair an injury and is out “indefinitely,” according to coach Chan Gailey.  Not neccessarily a sign of durability considering training camp only began last week.

The Bills FaceBook page recapped Wednesday’s training camp practices by saying that the “defense shined.”  Translation – the offense was incompetent and our QB situation is looking scary bad.  First-hand accounts of the practice varied drastically from that of One Bills Drive.  Independent observers noted that both Edwards and Fitzpatrick struggled mightily to complete a pass beyond 5 yards.

Brian Brohm, the one promising QB on the roster who has not had the chance to show what he’s got at the NFL-level, received little playing time.  Maybe Gailey will give Brohm a chance in Week 12, when the Bills have racked up 8 losses and are out of playoff contention.  Be prepared Bills fans, this could be a very long season.

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