Bills underwhelm already lowered expectations against ‘Skins

Very few people expect the Bills to be a winning team this year, but many were hoping to see some signs of life. Unfortunately, there were little to be found in a 42-17 loss to the Washington Redskins Friday night.

  • Trent Edwards had one good series and then reverted back into his comfort zone, where he has earned the moniker “Captain Checkdown.” In the opening four series, Edwards completed only 6 of 12 passed for a measly 58 yards and threw an inexcusable interception when he telegraphed a lob pass to Lee Evans. Ryan Fitzpatrick did not fare much better, looking wildly inaccurate while completing 9 of 14 passes, but he did manage to complete a touchdown pass to David Nelson. Brian Brohm saw no action and seems to the Bills only hope at the QB position, even if its a long-shot. Brohm is slated to be the No. 2 QB for Thursday’s “home” contest again the Colts at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, so Bills fans will no doubt be very interested to see how he looks.
  • One of the Bills’ stronger areas of the roster, the running back corps, was decimated by injury, with Fred Jackson expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks with a broken hand and Marshawn Lynch expected to miss at least the remainder of the preseason with an ankle injury. CJ Spiller looked quick and effective, albeit in very limited action, but will be put to the test in the coming weeks, as he is now the No. 1 tailback.
  • The Bills starting defensive line generated good pass pressure and rookie Alex Carrington put in a strong performance, but a couple of crucial penalties kept two ‘Skins drives alive and resulted in touchdowns. One of those penalties was courtesy of Aaron Maybin, when he chose to do a superman dive at McNabb after he had released the ball. Maybin looked very overmatched  against Washington’s starting O-line and is looking more and more like a 1st round draft bust.
  • The Bills’ much hyped defensive back sqaud got picked apart by McNabb and Grossman, showing that they might be overrated and that there is still major room for improvement.
  • Overall, even though its only one preseason game, the Bills put in an extremely weak performance, with major struggles at the QB position and multiple mental errors resulting in penalties and turnovers.  Bills fans can only hope that Gailey & Co. can get the troops to work out the kinks before the Bills regular season home opener on Sept. 12th against Miami.  Otherwise, its going to be a very long season.

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