Brohm continues to show why he should be the Bills’ starter

In the first three weeks of the Bills’ OTAs, Brian Brohm looked like the best passer on the roster, completing all 6 passes attempted in the red zone drills on Thursday. His release looks quicker and his passes have been more accurate than Edwards and Fitzpatrick throughout the OTAs. Obviously, you can’t read too much into a player’s performance in OTAs or training camp but you can argue that the consistently poor performance of Edwards and Fitzpatrick in previous regular season games combined with Brohm’s outstanding college career leaves you with only one option – give Brohm a chance to prove himself.

If the Bills don’t choose Brohm as the starter, than fans must ask why the Bills even bothered to acquire him from the Packers last year. Here are some of the 24-year old Brohm’s college highlights showing why he was the 3rd QB chosen in the 2008 draft (behind current NFL starters Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco):

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