Is Tomas Kaberle destined for Buffalo?

UPDATE: Maple Leafs GM reported today (6/24/10) that the organization had received no less than 5 offers for the veteran defenseman.  Sabres GM Darcy Regier confirmed that he had spoken with Burke as soon as yesterday but did not comment any further than that.  Sabres fans can only hope the organization can somehow acquire Kaberle, given his proven skills on the power play and the Sabres desperate need for such talents.

Tomas Kaberle should be on the Sabres radar right now, as the high scoring defenseman’s no-trade close with the Toronto Maple Leafs is set to expire. Kaberle is known for being a power-play specialist, a skill the Sabres desperately need, and the Leafs are looking to bring in some new blood at forward. In an interview with The Buffalo News, Darcy Regier acknowledged that he had spoke with the Leafs GM Brian Burke, but would not elaborate further.

One could envision the Sabres trading away Tim Connolly and Drew Stafford to make the deal happen. The two forwards failed to produce in the playoffs and were inconsistent during the regular season, but packaged together might have enough youth and talent to get the Leafs interested. Without the two forwards, the Sabres offensive corps still has enough talent to form a solid top 6 with Roy, Pominville, Vanek, Hecht, Gaustad and some combination of Grier, Ennis or Gerbe.

The Sabres went 0 for 14 with the man advantage in the Boston series and if they had a player like Kaberle, who had over half of his 49 regular season points on the power play, the outcome of the entire series may have been different. Pairing the 32-year old veteran with the Sabres’ rookie powerhouse Tyler Myers could also form a lethal combination at the blue line in both even strength and power play situations. So the only question fans should have left is why wouldn’t the Sabres do everything possible to acquire Tomas Kaberle?

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